Decisive Dividend is an acquisition-oriented company, focused on opportunities in manufacturing.

Our purpose is to be the sought-out choice for exiting legacy-minded business owners, while supporting the long-term success of the businesses acquired, and through that, creating sustainable and growing shareholder returns.

What We Do


We use a disciplined acquisition strategy to identify profitable, well-established, high quality manufacturing companies that have a sustainable competitive advantage, steady cash flows, growth potential and established, strong leadership with enterprise values up to $25 million.


We support the long-term success of the businesses acquired with resources to help them achieve their potential while recognizing that the people running the business know it better than we do.


We care about continuing the business legacies of the vendors whose companies we acquire and are committed to the communities our businesses are located in. We do not buy a company to sell it.


On August 12, 2021, Decisive Dividend announced it had increased its monthly dividend to $0.025 per share. The increase is the latest step towards returning the Company’s dividend to pre-pandemic levels and is consistent with Decisive’s objective of providing shareholders with long-term, sustainable, and growing dividends.

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